Site Review | Professional Jeweler

December 13, 2000

Shopping online for jewelry tools and equipment isn't the most exciting way to pass time. Luckily, makes the process more tolerable. Besides the loads of tools, equipment and displays every jewelry store needs, has information that jewelers, craftsmen, watchmakers or hobbyists will find useful. There's a dictionary of terms to help anyone understand what an anode or an ear nut is. Ever wonder what a dichroscope does?'s dictionary has the answer. The site also has pages of hints and tips on things like buffing, melting and ring sizing, and a comprehensive list of industry-related links.

Shopping at can be done quickly with its easy navigation system. Visitors can choose to browse displays, metals, specials or tools, to see everything listed in each category. Once users click on a category, a simple list of sub-categories appears. Clicking on a sub-category leads to a list with small images and short descriptions of all FDJTool's products in that sub-category. If users know what they want, they can use the drop-down menu at the top of the home page to jump right to the products in a sub-category. Individual product pages show larger images and more detailed descriptions of the items. also offers good customer service. Visitors can easily view FDJTool's terms of sale, privacy policy and services information from links on the main page. Customers can also request a catalog from the site, and contact information, including a toll-free number, is only one click from the main page. takes pride in its service and offers its customers a Web price guarantee on specified merchandise. If the product is sold anywhere else on the Web for a lower price, will meet or beat the lower price. How's that for a good deal?

- by Julia M. Duncan