Site Review | Professional Jeweler

January 3, 2001

Consumers and retailers alike will benefit from the new Lazare Diamond Web site. Participating Lazare Diamond jewelers can boost sales by linking their e-stores to Lazare's site, and Lazare even offers to help its retailers get an e-store up and running. Consumers can find valuable information about diamonds and diamond jewelry as well as purchase their favorite Lazare Diamonds online from local jewelers.

In the Lazare Diamond Showroom, customers can browse Lazare's diamond jewelry. When they click on one of the categories – rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants or pins – small images of the products in that category appear at the bottom of the screen. When users click on one of the small images, a larger image along with the product description appears in the area above the small images (see second image).

To purchase Lazare Diamond jewelry online, customers need to click on the shopping cart button. They will be redirected to a screen where they enter their zip codes and then to a page containing the names and addresses of the closest Lazare Diamond jewelers. If any of the jewelers have online stores, customers can click on the link to go directly to a page on that local jeweler's site containing the product selected on Lazare's site. Customers can then browse the other Lazare products the jeweler carries or buy the items they want. Retailers determine the price structure for their Lazare Diamond merchandise and receive 100% of the profit margin.

Overall, the Lazare site is simple, elegant and informative. The main page directs visitors to the main sections – about Lazare, diamond facts (coming soon), selecting your Lazare diamond, showroom, ad campaign, trade information, Lazare Kaplan Japan, mailing list and jeweler locator. The navigation is simple and remains at the top or left side throughout the site. Consumers can find the information they want about the 4Cs, Ideal cut diamonds, Lazare brand diamonds and even refer to the diamond definitions page in the "Selecting Your Lazare Diamond" section. In addition, retailers can order Lazare products online through its B2B catalog in the "Trade Information" section (a user name and password is required).

- by Julia M. Duncan