Site Review | Professional Jeweler

February 21, 2001

The use of new technology in an innovative and unique way makes Tissot's T-Touch watches stand apart from the rest, and it's also what makes interesting and fun. isn't full of content, as it's only for one watch with three styles. The site is, however, engaging and draws users in to learn more about the watch's features. On the main page of the site, the bright green navigation along the top allows users to click on a watch feature – meteo, altimeter, chrono, compass, alarm and thermo – to learn more about what it does. Users can click on links at the left of the page to find out more about the T-Touch collection and how the watches work. There are also links to public relations information and contact information.

The Collections section shows off the three styles on the T-Touch watch. In this section, when users run their mouses over any of the three watch images, a short description and reference number appears. When users click on a watch image, they get more details on the watch features, movement, price and a link to where to buy the watch. There's also a larger image of the watch and four close-ups on different parts of the watch.

Mouse rollovers and image close-up aren't the only features of the site. The How it Works section gives users an animated tour of what makes the watch tick, and the Features section has diagrams of tactile glass to show how the touch controls work. The site even has a "touch and play" game, where users have to click on the watch face before it disappears. Though the game is more of an advertisement than anything, it does show off the watch features in a fun and interactive way.

- by Julia M. Duncan