Site Review | Professional Jeweler

February 28, 2001

EMarketer, an online market research company, recently ranked the No. 1 gift Web site, ahead of, and " puts together a first-rate selection in an intelligent way – finding something for any occasion couldn't be easier," says an eMarketer senior analyst.'s gift services and gift finder give shoppers everything they need to find the right gifts in a quick and simple way.

The site's home page features a variety of options to help most shoppers. In the center of the page, lists its five bestsellers and five of its favorite products along with images and short descriptions of a few featured products. Using the top navigation, shoppers can link to's gift services, gift finder and e-cards. Customers can also link to their shopping carts, account information and customer service. On the left side of the page, users can search by keyword or catalog number, and shoppers can click to browse gift ideas for a variety of recipients or click to browse the classic gifts including flowers and jewelry. offers many gift services to its customers. It offers special gift boxes, personalized gift cards and free e-cards. In addition, registered users can set up a personal gift calendar and create a gift registry. The site also has a great gift finder. Shoppers select the recipient, price range, occasion and any special interest the recipient has, and provides a good selection of relevant gift ideas. There are a variety of options for the search: 16 choices for recipient, 16 for occasion and 15 for special interest. A search for a birthday present between $50 and $100 for a girlfriend with a special interest in jewelry returned 12 gift ideas including an amethyst pendant and earring set and an aromatherapy necklace.

Once shoppers find the right gifts, has even more to offer. Right now, customers can get free ground shipping and can select to defer payment for up to four months. Add in an extensive customer service and help section and what you have is a great place to buy gifts online.

- by Julia M. Duncan