Site Review | Professional Jeweler

March 28, 2001

If you're looking for information on blue pearls or just interested in viewing unique jewelry, click on over to This Web site for Eyris Pearls is full of information on blue pearls, the history of blue pearls and information on New Zealand, where blue pearls are cultured.

The main page of the site is simple, containing a logo, an image of blue pearls and links to the main site sections. Anyone looking for basic information should visit "The Blue Pearl" section of the site, and for more detailed information they should check out "The Story," "The Look," "The Standard" and the "As Unique As You" sections. Information about the company and its goals is in "The Vision" section, and contact information is in the "Contact Us" section. "The Country" section provides a quick look at New Zealand and its blue pearl history, and news about blue pearls is featured in the "Latest News" section.

"The Gallery" section of the site shows off blue pearl jewelry made by seven designers in New Zealand, with more designers coming soon. Each designer has a personal information page and gallery page filled with images of his or her designs along with titles and short descriptions for each piece. Visitors can click on any image for a larger, more detailed image. Anyone wishing to purchase blue pearl jewelry should click into the "Accredited Eyris Retailers" section. It's not possible to buy any blue pearl jewelry at this site, and all the accredited retailers are in New Zealand.

The site is simple, informative and user-friendly. Members of the jewelry industry who want more information about the company can register on the site for access to the trade-only section, and anyone can call Eyris Pearls for information.

- by Julia M. Duncan