Site Review | Professional Jeweler

May 1, 2001

Samuel Gordon Jewelers doesn't expect online shoppers to purchase fine jewelry at its Web site Instead, it hopes the site will educate customers about diamond brands and jewelry designers and drive them into the physical store. consists of sections devoted to jewelry designers, watch lines, consumer education, associations and jewelry technology. There's also information about the company, its policies and what's new as well as an interactive online catalog.

The site's Showcase section features a selection of wedding ring designers, information about platinum jewelry and a featured designer (Hearts on Fire). Most of the pages are filled with descriptions and images and link to the Designers section of the site. In the Designers section, site visitors can choose from a long list of designers – including ArtCarved, De Beers, Erica Courtney and Scott Kay. Clicking on a designer's name either links to a page on with information about that designer and images of his or her jewelry or it links directly to the designer's Web site. In the Watches section, visitors can choose a watch manufacturer – such as Ebel and Tag Heuer – and link to its Web site as well.'s online catalog is interactive and fun. Each page shows multiple pieces of jewelry, and users can navigate through the catalog with the "next" and "back" buttons. To see descriptions of the jewelry, users have to put their mouses over the tab marked "descriptions" and the tab extends out to show information about each piece. The catalog isn't the only interactive section of the site. In the What's New section, users looking for some entertainment can play online blackjack and visit the voting booth to vote for their favorite gemstones and more.

Overall, the site is full of important and useful information about jewelry and everything that relates to buying jewelry. From anniversary gift ideas and the 4Cs of diamonds to all the information imaginable about the jewelry designers and watch manufacturers carried in the store, the site has something for everyone. And though Samuel Gordon's doesn't sell jewelry online, the Web site still generates plenty of revenue. For example, a couple drove from Dallas, TX, to Samuel Gordon's store in Oklahoma City, OK, because they were so impressed with what they saw on The couple spent $30,000 in Samuel Gordon's that day, proving a great Web site can generate offline sales.

- by Julia M. Duncan