Site Review | Professional Jeweler

May 9, 2001

When you're looking for employees or looking for a job in the jewelry industry, is a good place to start. It's more efficient than using local classified ads because it's targeted to the jewelry industry. It's friendlier too, because CEO Anna Cranfill makes it her job to help the people who use the site.

Employers looking to fill open positions can list their jobs on Jobs4Gems and access resumes of qualified job candidates. Employers need to register at, and then can begin posting jobs. Adding a job to the site is simple. You fill out a few online forms about the job, who to contact and enter billing information – it costs $125 to post a job for 12 weeks. Employers who want to search for candidates and access the resumes on can sign-up for a corporate membership to gain access to the resume database. Employers can also purchase the "Featured Job of the Month" position for $250 to feature a job on the Jobs4Gems home page.

Employees looking for a new job can post their resumes on Jobs4Gems for employers to review and can search for jobs on the site. Searching for jobs at the site is simple. From the main page, select the state, the job category and any keywords to do a quick job search. People who want to post their resumes on Jobs4Gems must register with the site. Then they can easily copy and paste or type their resume into the resume manager. Best of all, it's free.

Currently there aren't many jobs posted on the site, but Jobs4Gems expects that to change as the word gets out to the jewelry industry. Overall the site is easy to use, and the prices are reasonable. Once more companies post jobs on the site, it will be a great place for members of the jewelry industry to find and fill jobs.

- by Julia M. Duncan