Site Review | Professional Jeweler

October 3, 2001

As Internet technology improves, so do online jewelry stores. is a fine example. This beautifully designed site uses high-quality images and animation technology to deliver the latest jewelry news and trends for consumers while creating a unique shopping experience.

Informative content once defined Its style features, such as "Jackie's Jewelry" and "Tropical Color," and the latest news and trends are updated each week to keep consumers on top of the latest style news. Many of the features are animated or in slide-show format, and they're easy to read and designed well. The Gem Files section of the site provides extensive gem information, and visitors can look up gems by name, color, region or category. There's even a Horoscopes section with weekly horoscopes and gem talismans, and visitors can find out about the power of birthstones and other gems. Jewelry collectors will be delighted by the site's Collecting section, filled with more feature articles, such as "Top 6 Museum Treasure Troves." And for those jewelry lovers with questions or comments or who just want to have a jewelry discussion, there's the Gem.Network section. It's filled with message boards devoted to jewelry topics.

Content is not the only thing defining now, however. The site recently began adding gemstone jewelry to its new shopping section. Currently, shoppers can purchase jewelry from six collections, and four more will be added soon. According to, the jewelry on its site has been edited to include only items that are modern wearable works celebrating the beauty of gems. Consumers can browse the site by collection, jewelry type or price. The individual product pages are exquisite and elegant with beautiful images, including close-ups, and extensive product details. There are even images of related products and the estimated availability time for the selected item. is an example of how creative content, beautiful images and extensive product information come together with good site design to form an incredible jewelry site. The problems with the site were minor in comparison to its impressive collection of content and jewelry. The most noticeable issue is that the Gem Files section malfunctions on Macintosh computers. Also, visitors need to register and give personal information, including mailing addresses, to use the Gem.Network. But overall, this site is something many companies aspire to have, but few succeed at creating.

- by Julia M. Duncan