Site Review | Professional Jeweler

October 17, 2001

Diamond jewelry lovers could spend many happy days zooming in and out and rotating images of beautiful jewelry at's new Design Gallery. And when they run out of jewelry to look at, they still have pages and pages of information about diamond jewelry designers to read.

The Diamond Trading Company's advertising firm, J. Walter Thompson, has outdone itself with its latest addition to The Design Gallery is exquisite and fun to use. It provides visitors with hundreds of diamond jewelry pieces to browse, a 3D tour of a special collection and information about the designers and upcoming events.

The most interactive and entertaining part of the gallery is the search area. Visitors drag and drop icons of search criteria – including jewelry type, designer, style and price – to do an accurate jewelry search. Once the search criteria are selected, visitors are presented with a selection of jewelry they can manipulate on screen and learn more about with only a few mouse clicks. Such a high level of interactivity is best experienced, not described. The showcase section of the gallery offers more opportunities for interactivity. Visitors can take a tour of 10 beautiful pieces of diamond jewelry with a common theme. Currently, the theme is three-stone diamond jewelry, and new collections will be added every few months.

The rest of is just as impressive as the Design Gallery. The site has many fun and useful features as well as an immense amount of diamond and engagement information. Brides-to-be can design their diamond engagement rings or choose from hundreds of predesigned styles. Grooms-to-be can consult the site for diamond buying information, proposal ideas, spending guidelines and more. Certification, insurance, pricing, settings, and shapes are just a few of the other topics covered. No past, present or future diamond buyer would be disappointed by the information provided on the site. is amazingly simple considering the amount of information it contains. Visitors will need a newer Web browser and the latest Flash browser plug-in to use the Design Gallery. Everything functions perfectly, though a broadband Internet connection is recommended for viewing the Design Gallery.

- by Julia M. Duncan