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August 8, 2001
eBay Stores
Retailers can take advantage of eBay for fixed-price selling now along with auctions

Retailers who want to sell merchandise online have many options. Many choose to build their own Web stores. Others partner with manufacturers who offer affiliate Web sites, and some retailers set up shop on online malls such as Yahoo Shopping. Now there's another option – eBay Stores. No, it's not just auctions; it's fixed-price sales as well.

How it Works
Sellers create their stores using customizable eBay templates, and maintain the stores using eBay's management tools or specified store management software. The eBay Stores allow sellers to include logos, customize the categories for their items and choose color schemes. Plus, sellers can customize a company information page, called an "about" page, and a store policies page in addition to the item listing pages.

Merchants get their eBay Stores listed in one of the categories on the eBay Stores homepage. Shoppers can access them in one of these ways: by browsing the eBay Stores categories and then clicking on the stores they like, by clicking on the eBay Stores icon on a seller's feedback page or auction listing or by going directly to a specific eBay Store Web address. Store merchants who list auctions in addition to fixed-price items have an advantage because they can drive traffic to their stores through the auction listings. When users search eBay, the results they get only include auction items. So users who don't visit eBay stores will only see a seller's merchandise if the seller has some auctions.

New eBay Users
New eBay sellers may not want to jump into eBay stores right away. Sellers need to have a feedback of 20 to open an eBay store -- users gain one feedback point for each positive comment from other users. An ID verification can be done instead, but eBay wants sellers to be familiar with selling on eBay before they open a store. Since eBay sales are heavily based on trust, sellers benefit from having higher feedback ratings and selling more items. If opening an eBay Store interests you and you've never sold anything on on the site, start slowly by listing some auctions first. Build trust with eBay users, become familiar with using eBay, then open an eBay Store.

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- by Julia M. Duncan