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An Inside Look: Online shoppers reveal likes and dislikes of online stores (10/24/01)
A Holiday Surprise: Online shopping may surge this holiday season as shoppers avoid crowded places and travel less (10/17/01)
Your Online Showroom: Making your site into a better online showroom can improve online and offline sales (10/3/01)
Auction for America: eBay starts a charity auction for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks (9/26/01)
Census Statistics: Last year 42% of all U.S. households had at least one member who used the Internet at home (9/19/01)
Turning Online Browsers Into Offline Shoppers: Retailers must drive online shoppers to their offline stores to prevent losing sales to other offline retailers (8/29/01)
The Advantage of Bricks: Bricks-and-mortar retailers have a concrete advantage (8/15/01)
eBay Stores: Retailers can take advantage of eBay for fixed-price selling now along with auctions (8/8/01)
Sales Bonanza: Jewelry shoppers love eBay, and you should too (8/1/01)
The Ever-Changing Internet Shopper: New research shows the profile of the average Internet user closely resembles the profile of the average American (7/18/01)
Handling Shipping Costs: Shipping costs can drive online shoppers away and cause e-tailers to lose money (7/11/01)
E-Mail Reponses: More and more online customers are turning to e-mail to resolve shopping problems (5/16/01)
Dot-What?: New top-level domain names, such as .shop, are available or will be soon (4/18/01)
Appealing to Luxury Shoppers: New research shows luxury shopping sites aren't providing what affluent shoppers want (4/11/01)
Smarter Searches: Part 2: Using search technology to enhance your online customer service (4/4/01)
Smarter Searches: Part 1: New and improved search software can make your e-tail site more efficient and effective (3/28/01)
The Profitability Problem: A new report finds 50% of business-to-consumer sites are profitable (3/14/01)
Business-to-Business Solutions: Chart 2: Jewelry B2B Sites (12/20/00)
Business-to-Business Solutions: Part 2: Choosing the right jewelry B2B site (12/13/00)
Business-to-Business Solutions: Chart 1: Diamond and Gemstone B2B Sites (12/6/00)
Business-to-Business Solutions: Part 1: This is the first in a series of article about business-to-business marketplaces for the jewelry industry (11/29/00)
Manufacturer Affiliate Programs: This is a list of manufacturers that offer affiliate programs as of Nov. 14, 2000. This list will be updated as we are informed of new programs (11/14/00)
E-Business Solutions- Part 2: Manufacturer affiliate programs can provide you with an e-commerce solution quickly, but first you need to consider if it's right for you (11/8/00)
E-Business Solutions- Part 1: Many companies and organizations will create an e-commerce site for you based on your needs and how much you are willing to pay (10/31/00)
Holiday Nightmares: E-tailers who didn't live up to their shipping promises last year are paying $1.5 million in fines this year (9/26/00)
The Best of the Best: Forbes reviewed 15 retail jewelry sites and chose the best of the Web (9/19/00)
'Tis the Season: As the holiday shopping season approaches, e-tailers need to spruce up their Web sites for this year's holiday shoppers (8/23/00)
Retail Web Sites that Profit: Despite grim tales of e-tailers losing money, plenty of retailers on the Web are profitable (8/15/00)
Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!: Auction sites are a simple alternative to e-commerce-enabled sites (8/7/00)
It's All About Customer Service: Good online customer service equals more online sales (7/26/00)
The New Web Shoppers: Women and seniors are becoming the two largest groups shopping online (7/17/00)
The Discount Days are Over: E-commerce companies must make a profit or die trying (7/11/00)
When the Customer Doesn't Speak 'Plastic': Credit card payment is not as popular in other countries (6/20/00)
Power to the People: Old-line auction houses find moving online problematic (6/13/00)
Mega-Malls or E-Tailers: Who's got the "stickies"? (6/5/00)
E-Commerce Changing Character: Emphasize security and confidence to build user loyalty (5/20/00)
Erect Barriers Against Hackers: It's as simple as picking the right password (5/15/00)
It's Their Privacy, Stupid: There's nothing more important in building lasting e-commerce relationships than protecting customers' privacy. Not surprisingly, the top e-tailers are noticeably ahead of the pack in this respect (4/24/00)
E-commerce Balloon About to Burst Says Research Firm: Jewelers who believe e-commerce can never duplicate the feel of slipping on an expensive necklace may be vindicated (4/17/00)
Partners in Time: Business-to-business e-commerce offers solution to jewelers' wee-hour worries (4/4/00)
Politics of Privacy: Online shoppers value their privacy but will give it up if it's good for them (3/27/00)
Dangerous Internet Myths: The rules of doing business have changed in the new economy (3/20/00)

Legal Issues
The New Privacy Agenda: Stopping deceptive spam and preventing identity theft are part of the FTC's new agenda to protect consumer privacy (10/10/01)
Slowing Spam: A recent Washington state court ruling protects state residents from misleading e-mails (6/20/01)
European Commission Cracks Down on Fraud: EC has launched a plan to curb online fraud and protect cross-border transactions (2/21/01)
Sign This: Electronic signatures are legal and binding, but it will be some time before they catch on (10/3/00)
Deceptive Trade Practices Online: Be careful to follow state and federal consumer protection rules when marketing and selling on your Web site (11/8/99)
Linking Legality: Could you get sued for linking to somebody else's Web site? (10/27/99)
Legal Eagles: Be aware of the laws – or lack thereof – before you start selling on-line (9/27/99)

Sales and Transactions
All for One Dollar: A new eBay page features jewelry auctions with low starting bids (10/31/01)
Accepting Checks: Do your online shoppers a favor and don't force them to pay with credit cards (8/22/01)
E-Commerce Trends for Early 2001: Online sales reports show e-commerce is continuing to grow as expected (6/13/01)
Internet Sales Tax May Be Coming: A variety of bills proposing solutions for online taxation are being considered in Congress (5/9/01)
Smarter Cards: Credit card technology is ready to take a giant leap forward (2/28/01)
Online Jewelry Sales on the Rise: is profitable in December, QVC ranks no. 1 in customer service and makes strategic business moves (1/31/01)
Selling Diamonds Online: Lessons learned from a December report in The Wall Street Journal (1/17/01)
Holiday Shopping Trends: Here's a summary of consumers' online shopping patterns this holiday season (1/10/01)
No Credit: Lack of available credit may be why some consumers aren't buying high-priced goods online (10/10/00)
Online Sales Growth: Despite slow retail sales during the summer, online sales figures continue to rise (9/5/00)
The Right Wallet: Technology helps consumers put their money where your store is (2/7/00)
Coming Around Again: Everyone agrees that on-line jewelry returns are a pain (1/10/00)
Safe and Sound: Prove your shopping site is secure (12/20/99)
Grand Illusion: A Web site isn't an excuse for not stocking inventory (12/13/99)
Store on a Shoestring: If you plan to do limited e-commerce, shopping cart sites will get you started for little – or no – cash (11/15/99)

Higher Speeds Online: The broadband revolution is still coming, and it's almost here (11/7/01)
A New Level of Comparison Shopping: New software pushes ahead of the game for shoppers who like to compare prices (6/27/01)
Image Technology: New software allows online shoppers to see how makeup, jewelry and other accessories will look on them before they buy (3/21/01)
In-Store Kiosks: Bringing the Internet into your store can help you convert store customers into Web customers (2/14/01)
Keeping Your Computer Healthy: Virus protection is simple, painless and necessary (6/26/00)
E-tailing's New Dimension: Increasingly, customers want to "handle" online merchandise (4/10/00)
A Camera, a Laptop, a Sale: To Wink Jones, the digital camera is more than an expensive toy – it's a way to make his customers happy (3/6/00)
The Boy Who Cried "Virus!": Know the difference between rumors and the real thing (12/6/99)
Go, Speed Racer!: Faster Internet connection alternatives are here (10/4/99)

Advertising & Marketing
More Than Just a Game: Online games packed with advertising and brand messages are showing up all over the Web (9/5/01)
Brand Building Online: Three new studies found banner advertising and other online advertising helps build brands (7/26/01)
Ad Revenge: Some Web surfers are taking action against annoying online ads by installing software to block them (7/5/01)
Alternative Online Advertising: If traditional online ads aren't getting the response you want, it's time to take a look at your online strategy (5/29/01)
Advertising Online: There are many new options for advertising your Web site on the Internet (5/23/01)
E-mail Promoting: E-mail newsletters can remind valuable customers to visit your online and physical stores (1/3/01)
Growing A Little Shop Of Flowers: Use software to find your best customers (3/13/00)
Give and You Shall Receive: The recipient of a gift bought from your site isn't your customer – yet (2/28/00)
Spinning Your Web: Evaluate your Web site for stickiness (2/21/00)
The Do-or-Die Quarter: Competition is getting fierce in the e-tailing world (1/17/00)
Local Promotion: The Web may be worldwide, but marketing it locally can draw important customers (11/22/99)

Web Site Design
Back to the Basics: E-tailers should focus on basic e-commerce site features before adding new functions to their sites (3/7/01)
Valentine's Day Tune-Up: Make sure your Web site is in top shape for Valentine's Day shoppers (1/24/01)
Compatibility Concerns: Your Web site may look great on a PC, but Mac and Web TV users may see something completely different (10/18/00)
Content Is Still King: The more the web matures, the more it seems like traditional media (5/8/00)
The E-Commerce Question: A Web site is a must; e-commerce not so much (2/14/00)
The Name Game: Stake your claim with the right domain name (11/29/99)

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