Consumers Limit Mother's Day Spending

April 28, 1999

Consumers Limit Mother's Day Spending

Although 45% of people polled in the American Express Retail Index plan to buy a gift for Mother's Day, most don't want to spend much money.

The poll shows 41% of respondents plan to spend less than $50, while 38% will spend $50 to $100. Flowers and cards are the gifts of choice for 63% of those who plan to give gifts. Surprisingly, however, more people plan to forgo the easier visits to Bath & Body Works and Godiva for thoughtful gifts of jewelry. The poll shows 8% of people plan to buy jewelry, while 6% will give Mom candy and chocolates and 4% will buy perfumes and lotions. The price limitation suggests jewelers should offer price-point items as Mother's Day promotions.

An interesting trend that retailers should note is more people this year want to buy gifts for loved ones other than mothers, wives and mothers-in-law. Respondents will also honor grandmothers (12%), sisters (11%), friends (7%) and daughters (5%).

- by Stacey King