GIA Appointed Official Lab for Millennium Diamonds

May 5, 1999

GIA Appointed Official Lab for Millennium Diamonds

A board of De Beers sightholders appointed the Gemological Institute of America's Gem Trade Laboratory the official grading laboratory for De Beers' limited-edition Millennium Diamonds.

The 14 sightholders selected to sell the diamonds, which will include a De Beers inscription on their tables, will send the diamonds to GIA for grading and laser inscription services. De Beers expects to sell 20,000 of the one-carat round brilliant diamonds through the sightholders, who were "hand-picked" from the Central Selling Organisation roster.

Once the sightholders manufacture the Millennium Diamonds to De Beers' specifications, they will send the diamonds to London for the addition of the inscription, according to a GIA release. The three-line inscription will read "2000" on the first line, "De Beers" on the second line and include the serial number and the name of a star to identify the sight from which the diamond was chosen. GIA will then grade the diamonds, including the table inscription information in the comment section of the Diamond Grading Report. GIA will also satisfy other inscription requirements such as inscribing the GIA Report number, retailer branding marks, inventory numbers or personal messages on the diamond's girdle.

- by Stacey King