JSA Warns of Home Invasion

May 12, 1999

JSA Warns of Home Invasion

The Jewelers' Security Alliance is warning jewelers to take precautions in their homes after four incidents involving home invasions and kidnappings during the past five months.

In three separate incidents in Florida, thieves broke into the homes of jewelry store owners, held them at gunpoint and demanded store keys and safe combinations, then tied them up while leaving to rob the stores. In another case, three robbers posed as deliverymen at the suburban home of a New York City-area jeweler, then pulled a handgun and robbed the safe.

"Remember, you face the risks of being a jeweler 24 hours a day, seven days a week," says John Kennedy, president of JSA, in a release. JSA recommends jewelers not keep jewelry merchandise in their homes, install an alarm system and outside lighting with a motion detector, and refuse to open the door to unexpected visitors or delivery people. Other suggestions include having an unlisted phone number, keeping a cellular phone nearby at all times, varying your route to work and training family members, babysitters and neighbors to stay alert and follow security procedures when necessary.

- by Stacey King