Trends Show Longevity at VicenzaOro 2

June 15, 1999

Trends Show Longevity at VicenzaOro 2

Buyers stocking up for the fall season at the VicenzaOro 2 show in Vicenza, Italy, this week found twists on familiar styles.

The scalloped necklace, the talk of last year's show, became a "squiggle" this year in all types of jewelry. Many designers and manufacturers added diamond pavé to this style. Pavé itself continued in popularity, mostly with colorless diamonds but also with fancy yellow and pink diamonds set in matching metals. Puffy charms and letter charms on neckwires were still hot after taking off at OroArezzo in March.

In precious metal jewelry, large open links and woven chain were presented in yellow and white gold with shiny finishes or a combination of matte and shiny. Few exhibitors showed two-tone or tri-color gold. Manufacturers agreed that white metals drove sales. "Watch out for innovations in platinum chain. It will be very important to platinum," says Wilma Vigano, director of Platinum Guild International-Italy.

Cultured pearls broke out of round shapes into circled, mabe and baroque. The solitaire pearl dominated pendants, earrings and rings, especially in black and white colors. In strands, hues of lavendar, peach, pink, pistachio and gray joined the ordinary blacks and whites.

Transparent blue, green and yellow gemstones were a hit in popular square, oval and checkerboard cuts. Faceted gemstone beads in multiple strands gained momentum. Pearls and diamonds in multiple strands were also featured on neckwires and cords.

Persian turquoise, coral and conch shell beads, not common in the U.S., enjoyed a small showing at the JCK Show in Las Vegas and were widely shown here. Manufacturers set turquoise in yellow gold instead of white metals.

- by Lorraine M. Suermann