Polygon Conclave Focuses on Internet Economy

July 1, 1999

Polygon Conclave Focuses on Internet Economy

Polygon.Net, a major on-line trading network for the jewelry industry, will dedicate its 30th Conclave in Seattle, WA, to seminars on making the transition to an Internet economy. The event will be held Aug. 20-22 at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Polygon holds Conclaves a few times a year in different cities to physically bring together members who do business with each other on-line. Scheduled seminar topics at the August Conclave include Internet competition, e-commerce, imaging solutions, the Internet and the physical store, and effects of the Internet on the industry.

"In the jewelry industry today there simply is no issue as serious as this one," says Jacques Voorhees, president of Polygon. "The Internet is fundamentally changing the distribution systems in the jewelry market. Traditional revenue models are changing. Supplier relationships are changing." Consumers are also much more educated when they walk into jewelry stores now because they've done research on the Internet, he says.

For information on reservations and registration, contact Polygon.Net at (800) 221-4435.

- by Stacey King