Retailers Post Strong June Sales

July 13, 1999

Retailers Post Strong June Sales

As consumers continue to buy, retailers continue to benefit, according to June sales figures released by major retailers on Friday. Even department store chains, which have posted lethargic figures for most of this year, enjoyed some large increases in June, with Dillard's total sales up 28%, Federated's sales up 18.5% and May's sales up 12.9%.

Specialty apparel retailers continue to do particularly well. The Gap once again led the way in total sales, up 35% from a year earlier. Discounters are thriving also, with Wal-Mart up 13.6% over last year and Dollar General up 22%.

Retail analysts believe these strong results will continue for the immediate future, says The Wall Street Journal, which polled experts for their opinions. A strong emphasis on classic clothing styles may be the reason for the boom in clothing sales across the board. Jewelers should take note and stock lots of the classics among their fall assortments, including such staples as diamond solitaire necklaces and diamond stud earrings.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue