Industry Plans GE POL Statement

August 19, 1999

Industry Plans GE POL Statement

Several jewelry industry organizations are working together to draft a statement designed to help jewelers properly explain and disclose GE POL color-altered diamonds to their customers. (Read related story.)

The statement will educate retailers and sales associates about GE POL diamonds and help them cope with any negative publicity that might surface about the gems.

Lynn Ramsey of the Jewelry Information Center, New York City, is coordinating the drafting of the statement. She says it won't be ready until there is consensus from all the organizations taking part. Among the organizations are the Gemological Institute of America, Diamond Information Center, Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association, Jewelers Vigilance Committee and Jewelers of America.

The British Broadcasting Company will broadcast a scientific documentary this fall that may touch on the issue of color treatments in diamonds. The program will focus on diamond synthesis and the manipulation of diamonds at the atomic level, industry sources say. As a result, newer developments such as GE POL could be addressed. The program will air on the widely syndicated BBC program "Horizons" Sept. 24. It will also appear in the U.S. on "Nova," a PBS program, later this year.

- by Robert Weldon, G.G.