Pearl Training Course Goes On-Line

September 1, 1999

Pearl Training Course Goes On-Line

Sales associates interested in increasing their cultured pearl sales can now take a free training course on the Web.

The Cultured Pearl Information Center in New York City, in a partnership with publishing company Miller Freeman Inc., launched the Cultured Pearl Sales Training Institute two weeks ago through Miller Freeman University ( The course covers the history and legends behind pearls, pearl formation, nucleation and harvesting procedures, quality factors, different types of cultured pearls and techniques for selling jewelry. There's a glossary of terms and list of industry links to help students learn more.

The site uses the latest in technology, including Shockwave and Real Audio, to keep sales associates' interest. "We did some research and found 80% of salespeople had a retention rate of six months," says Devin Macnow, executive director of CPIC. "Many of them are either younger people or older retirees. The course combines visual, audio and bullet point teaching so they can remember each bit of learning." If the bandwidth required to use the site is too much for students' computers, they can order a CD-ROM version from CPIC, Macnow says.

- by Stacey King