Newsweek Focuses on Jewelry Crime

September 7, 1999

Newsweek Focuses on Jewelry Crime

A two-page article detailing crimes against members of the jewelry industry, especially traveling sales reps, appears in this week's issue of Newsweek, released today.

The article describes how Latin American thieves terrorize U.S. jewelers with sneak thefts and, increasingly, armed robberies. The magazine quoted spokespeople from A. Levian & Co of New York City and John Bagley of Santa Rosa, CA, John Kennedy, president of the Jewelers Security Alliance in New York City and other industry members.

Kennedy and other industry leaders called for a coordinated FBI effort to stop the crooks. "There has to be some coordinated effort, because this is an interstate crime by foreign nationals working in an organized fashion," Kennedy told Newsweek. The chief of the FBI Violent Crimes and Major Offenders Unit told the magazine it is aware of the problem and is intensifying its efforts.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue