GIA Updates GE POL Data

September 15, 1999

GIA Updates GE POL Data

Most of the 900 GE POL diamonds the Gemological Institute of America has studied are Type IIa fancy shapes of high color and clarity with a somewhat hazy appearance, said GIA President William E. Boyajian at the Israeli polished diamond marketing conference last week in Tel-Aviv. Boyajian noted GIA found internal graining in three-quarters of the diamonds.

Boyajian's report is the most detailed yet about diamonds that have been color-altered using a proprietary process developed by General Electric Co. Pegasus Overseas Ltd., a subsidiary of Lazare Kaplan International, introduced GE POL diamonds to the market this spring. (See related story).

A number of diamonds revealed surface-reaching cleavages or partially healed fractures and some minute included crystals with a somewhat altered appearance, Boyajian said. These features are not typical for D or G color diamonds. He didn't say what GIA believes may happen to the diamonds in the GE POL process. Some industry sources speculate it could be a form of high-pressure, high-temperature treatment, while others suggest it's a deep-cleaning process that reduces or eliminates impurities at an atomic level.

- by Robert Weldon, G.G.