Consumers Favor Diamonds for Millennium Celebration

September 24, 1999

Consumers Favor Diamonds for Millennium Celebration

Of the 1,021 adults recently surveyed about their attitudes toward the millennium, 79% said they thought giving a gesture of commitment and love would be appropriate when the clock strikes midnight on the final New Year's Eve of the millennium. More than one-third of them believe a gift of diamonds fit the bill.

J. Walter Thompson, the New York City-based advertising agency that handles De Beers' marketing in the U.S., says 83% of the respondents to its Millennium Consumer Attitude Survey used words such as "optimism," "hope" and "excitement" when asked to describe their feelings about the millennium. Reflecting those feelings, 72% said the millennium was a once-in-a-lifetime event worth commemorating, and 34% agreed occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries would call for more special celebrations in the year 2000.

The survey showed 40% of all women and 61% of women ages 18-24 want to receive a diamond at midnight on New Year's Eve, while 35% of men said they would give a diamond to ring in the new year. Other responses included stocks, a new car, a fur coat, art and antiques.

- by Stacey King