"Get Dressed" Message To Hit National Magazines

September 30, 1999

"Get Dressed" Message To Hit National Magazines

Representatives from the clothing, accessories, jewelry and other fashion-related industries have united to fight casual work weeks and dressed-down attitudes.

The Tailored Apparel, Jewelry and Accessories Council plans to launch a national ad campaign called "Time to Get Dressed," showing people having fun getting dressed up in business and social situations and addressing how jewelry and clothing can look great together. The ads are scheduled to hit consumer and business-to-business magazines this fall, says James Marquart, president of Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, the jewelry industry representative to TAJAC. The council also plans to produce point-of-purchase materials to allow retailers to piggyback on the promotion. Consumers can call a toll-free number or visit a Web site address listed in ads to answer questions about themselves and receive coupons for participating manufacturers' products.

The ads will target college-aged, Gen-X and early Baby-Boomer consumers, Marquart says. "We want to educate young people early," he says, adding that some of the ads will be placed in Experience magazine, a publication for college students.

Currently a partnership of fashion trade associations and retailers Saks Fifth Avenue and Sears, TAJAC is hoping for manufacturer sponsorship to raise $5 million to $7 million the first year of the campaign and even more the second. Proctor & Gamble of Cincinnati, OH, recently signed on as the first sponsor to promote its new at-home dry cleaning product. Marquart is trying to get the jewelry industry more involved in supporting the concept and says the feedback so far has been positive.

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- by Stacey King