October 28, 1999 Buys, the Houston, TX-based Internet retailer of watches, jewelry and accessories, purchased, an Internet watch forum, trading and sales listing site. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Timezone forum, in which collectors and dealers meet to talk timepieces, will remain pretty much the same, said Timezone's former owner, Richard Paige, on the site. All community features will be fully integrated into, allowing customers to do research on watches and watch brands and ask for opinions while they shop on the site. will help customers learn more about watch technology, features, design and care. A lively discussion of the purchase can be read at

Last week, the publicly traded signed on as the exclusive on-line outlet of the International Jewelry Design Guild. will represent 25 designers who belong to IJDG, including Jane Bohan, Whitney Boin Studio, Chris Correia, Michael Good, Susan Helmich, Scott Keating and Diana Vincent.

- by Michael Thompson