Crime Ring Behind Bars

November 1, 1999

Crime Ring Behind Bars

A four-member gang suspected in more than 80 jewelry store robberies across the U.S. was arrested last week in Las Vegas, NV.

Police arrested Clinton Randolph, Anthony Billberry, Jabbey Lawson and LaDonna Livingston on fugitive warrants for several crimes, including burglary, theft and attempted murder. The suspects are believed to have stolen $100 million worth of jewelry in smash-and-grab robberies in Arizona, California, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. They're also suspects in at least three burglaries in Las Vegas earlier this year.

"They targeted the finest jewelry stores, knew exactly what items they were looking for, broke the display cases with hammers and took the jewelry," Police Lt. Larry Spinosa told Reuters.

- by Stacey King