Jewelry E-tailers Make Top 500 List

November 29, 1999

Jewelry E-tailers Make Top 500 List

Two on-line jewelry retailers were listed alongside Intel, and FedEx as the Web's top money-makers in a report by Interactive Week magazine. and made the "Internet 500," the first-ever ranking of e-commerce companies by the on-line revenue they generated. The report listed on-line and overall revenue and profits for companies' most recent fiscal years., Houston, TX, was No. 152 on the list. The luxury retailer, which recently signed with 25 International Jewelry Design Guild designers to build an on-line jewelry boutique, generated $9.3 million in on-line revenue and reported an on-line loss of $4.3 million last year., a subsidiary of D.G. Jewelry, Toronto, CA, ranked No. 312 with on-line revenue of $754,000 and a loss of $350,000.

Though they're at the top of the heap when it comes to generating money, most e-commerce giants are still losing money on-line, said the article accompanying the report. Companies operating at a loss outnumbered profitable companies 2 to 1 among the top 200 companies listed. Smaller on-line companies were more successful, however. Of the companies with on-line revenue less than $1 million, profitable companies outnumbered those operating in the red 4 to 1.

"Bricks-and-mortar" companies dominated the report's top spots – the top six were Intel, Cisco Systems, IBM, Dell Computer, FedEx and United Parcel Service, all of which started with and maintain off-line businesses.

The report looked at on-line retail, expected to reach $18.1 billion in 1999, as well as business-to-business commerce, predicted to exceed $100 billion this year. (Read the entire report here.)

- by Stacey King