CJA To Close Offices

November 30, 1999

CJA To Close Offices

The California Jewelers Association, Jewelers of America's largest state affiliate, announced plans for a major reorganization and will close its office in Los Angeles on Dec. 31, 1999. Current staff members will remain with the organization through Dec. 31 to ensure an orderly transfer to a new management team.

"Until we can develop a new and consistent stream of revenue to replace what was once generated by the Pacific Jewelry Show, we believe a scaled-back, efficient and economical organization is in the best interest of CJA members," says Richard Horne, CJA president, referring to CJA's recent decision to close the 41-year-old show. He says the board of directors is "considering several alternatives to serving our members in the retail jewelry industry that are successfully used by other trade and professional organizations."

Horne, president of Shreve & Co., San Francisco, says the decision to close the office was made in conjunction with the expiration of the office's lease in early 2000. "We are examining the options available to us to continue to provide service and information to our members while reducing our operating expenses and refocusing the organization," he says. "This was the right opportunity to take a long hard look at how the organization operates and what should be its mission and emphasis for the future."

- by Jack Heeger