Small Retailers Become Web Savvy

December 7, 1999

Small Retailers Become Web Savvy

The big guys aren't the only ones using the Web anymore, according to results of a survey by George S. May International Co., a management consultant in Park Ridge, IL.

The survey shows 90% of small and mid-size retailers use the Web for business research and information gathering. However, only 55% buy on-line, while 50% say they sell products over the Internet. Considerably more (87%) consider themselves to be "computerized," but 20% still say they rarely use computers or don't use them at all.

"From the response, it appears that businesses stating they have little or no involvement with computers or the Internet are operations that are best characterized as neighborhood businesses with limited geographical territories, such as dry cleaners, bakeries and auto repair shops," says Donald Fletcher, president of May International.

Fletcher suggests retailers move beyond ordinary information gathering and use the Web for other purposes, such as recruiting employees.

- by Stacey King