IGI Offers Service for On-Line Sales

December 29, 1999

IGI Offers Service for On-Line Sales

From computer manufacturers and airlines to banks and utilities, most companies spent months and years fixing the Year 2000 bug, the computer glitch threatening date-sensitive equipment. Analysts say there won't be major problems, but many companies are taking precautions just in case.

Step up security in your store and protect your computer files during the New Year's weekend, advises Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., Neenah, WI. To save your precious data, back up all your applications and documents on disk before this weekend, and print hard copies of inventory, sales, purchases, birthdays and anniversaries. Also print an updated list of vendors and merchandise on memo. Store disks and printouts at home or another safe place away from your store.

When you close Dec. 31, store as much merchandise as possible in your safe and consider placing high-value items in a bank vault for the weekend. Because electricity or alarm system malfunctions are possible, take special security measures. Write down the phone numbers for your alarm company (including the direct number for the alarm service center), your insurance agent and company, locksmith, key vendors and employees, and keep the numbers with you. If your alarm company notifies you of an alarm at the store, call the police.

Call your insurance company for instructions if your store loses power and the alarm system stops working. Jewelers Mutual President Ron Harder and Executive Vice President Bill McGinnis will personally answer calls on New Year's Eve on the company's security hotline, (800) 558-6411.

- by Stacey King