De Beers Promotes Three-Stone Ring

January 3, 2000

De Beers Promotes Three-Stone Ring

A new De Beers ad campaign launching this month aims to create new interest in a staple – the three-stone ring – by rechristening it the three-stone anniversary ring.

De Beers and its agency, J. Walter Thompson, believe the campaign will give consumers a reason to buy another piece of diamond jewelry and increase the average price paid. According to JWT, the three-stone ring is an ideal representation of women's attitude toward anniversaries – a time to remember the past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future.

The TV component of the campaign features a husband and wife in an empty theater, watching their own wedding video. The husband then presents his wife with the ring. Two versions (45 and 30 seconds) of the spot will air extensively on network and cable in 2000 and beyond. Print ads emphasizing the ring will build on De Beers 1999 Evolution campaign, which featured the shadowy photography of Albert Watson. The ads will run through the first quarter of 2000 in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Martha Stewart Living.

In February, U.S. jewelers will receive sample quantities of in-case tent cards, postcards and a counter card, all echoing the ad campaigns, plus a catalog of new materials available to support the ring. The Diamond Promotion Service has also created a new education program that includes training guides. Call your regional DPS director or check the DPS Web site ( for more information.

- by Mark E. Dixon and Peggy Jo Donahue