On-Line Winners Exclude Luxury Goods

January 4, 2000

On-Line Winners Exclude Luxury Goods

No jewelry e-tailers appeared on a list of the 50 most-visited Web sites for the holiday season. The list tracked on-line during the five weeks leading up to Christmas.

Well-known Internet retailers such as Amazon.com and e-Toys.com dominated the list, released Jan. 3 by Media Metrix in New York City. Nearly half of the top 50 sites were adjuncts to existing companies, including bricks-and-mortar retailers. No sites featuring beauty or luxury products were included.

"In terms of categories, toy and bricks-and-mortar sites appear to be the biggest success stories," said Doug McFarland Sr., vice president and general manager of Media Metrix.

Also, results for Internet jewelers began emerging from the holiday fray. Blue Nile, the Web-only jewelry retailer in Seattle, WA, which claims to sell diamonds for 30% off retail, announced fourth-quarter sales of $10 million. That's the same amount the company previously announced it would spend on its fourth-quarter ad campaign targeting 25- to 45-year-old men. Nevertheless, CEO Mark Vadon said the company was encouraged by the strength of its holiday sales and growth in site visits.

- by Mark E. Dixon