Makes $96,000 Diamond Sale

January 11, 2000 Makes $96,000 Diamond Sale reported what it says is the largest on-line jewelry sale so far from its five-month-old Web site and, perhaps, in the history of Internet jewelry retailing.

On Jan. 3, an on-line shopper purchased a $96,000 diamond anniversary gift – two loose stones – for his wife on Competitor Blue Nile previously reported the sale of a $60,000 7.6-ct. emerald-cut diamond ring on-line.

According to Marla Nitke, marketing communications director for Mondera, the sale is another indication of the greater affluence of Internet shoppers in general and the company's shoppers in particular.'s average sale of diamond engagement jewelry on-line is $5,500, compared to an average $1,800 off-line in retail stores owned by Mondera's parent company, the Mouawad Group.

The big-ticket sale reveals a knowledgeable customer, Nitke says. At, diamonds are listed by price, with the less expensive stones first. So's $96,000 shopper had to deliberately click his way to the bottom of that list to find what he was looking for. "That signifies that he had probably already done a lot of due diligence, which is what one would expect of someone prepared to spend that amount of money," says Nitke.

Nitke terms the sale an "indication of trust" in's quality and credibility. She says she doesn't know whether the company previously did business with the consumer off-line.

- by Mark E. Dixon