Platinum Stone-In Casting Achieved

February 4, 2000

Platinum Stone-In Casting Achieved

A Los Angeles, CA, manufacturer of precious metal solders and alloys performed the first successful stone-in platinum casting with diamonds and cubic zirconium last week.

Marc Robinson of Precious Metals West/Fine Gold says the results of the procedure were smooth castings and clear, uncracked diamonds and CZ. Traditionally stone-in casting is done only with gold, since the high temperatures of melted platinum usually damage the gems during casting.

Robinson worked with six different types of new three-hour platinum investments, all made by dental supply companies. For the past five months, Robinson tested two or three flasks per day and experimented with different formulas.

The secret to his recent success was his discovery of a formula that included the proper mix of water and investment as well as exactly controlled time and heat during the entire casting process. The formula worked with all six quick platinum investments Robinson tested.

Casting a piece of jewelry with a stone or stones set in the wax model is often much less expensive and time-consuming than setting the stone in the cast metal, says Robinson. He points out use of the quick setting investments opens up the possibility of platinum casting to bench jewelers who don't want to invest in expensive equipment required for traditional platinum casting.

To learn where you can get the investment and how you can obtain the formula, contact Marc Robinson, (800) 999-7528.

- by William H. Donahue