GE/POL Initiates New Brand Name

March 22, 2000

GE/POL Initiates New Brand Name

Pegasus Overseas Ltd. will use the brand name "Bellataire" to market its GE/POL treated diamonds, the company announced Monday. POL is a subsidiary of Lazare Kaplan International Inc.

GE/POL diamonds undergo a high pressure/high temperature process developed by General Electric to enhance clarity. The diamonds will be marketed in sizes ranging from 0.75 carat to over 6 carats.

"Focus groups conducted in three different countries associated the name 'Bellataire' with beauty and genuineness," Charles Meyer, POL managing director, said in a release. "We're pleased with the name because it not only denotes beauty, but it also invites the telling of the story of how exceptional these stones really are." Meyer said "Bella" refers to the beauty of the diamonds and "taire" refers to the diamonds source beneath the earth's crust.

An advertising campaign, printed promotional materials and a training program targeting an upscale market will support a selected group of high-end retailers beginning in June.

- by Mark Dixon