Jewelry Mom's Third Choice, Says Survey

May 10, 2000

Jewelry Mom's Third Choice, Says Survey

The jewelry industry has some work to do if jewelry is to become the obvious gift choice for Mother's Day. A survey revealed that what moms want most is for the kids to clean up after themselves, followed by the gift of flowers.

Jewelry was only their third choice. surveyed mothers who visited its Web site. The moms looked at 15 selected gifts and chose what they most wanted. At the top of the list, 48% checked "kids who clean up after themselves." Flowers came in second and "jewelry and accessories" came in third.

Fourth choice was "a trip to London, Paris, or Canyon Ranch Spa," and fifth was "personalized and engraved gifts." Languishing near the bottom of the selections were "a new husband," "a vacuum cleaner," and "cooking spray.''

- by Mark E. Dixon