Rolex Funds Watchmaking School

July 24, 2000

Rolex Funds Watchmaking School

Rolex will contribute $1 million over the next five years to the watchmaking school at North Seattle Community College. Rolex's funding will ensure the continuation of the program and allow NSCC to hire two new instructors for the fall. "It is imperative that we protect the future of this time-honored craft by ensuring the quality education of the watchmakers of tomorrow," says Walter Fischer, president and CEO of Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. "It is my hope that Rolex's contribution and collaboration will encourage others to partner with educators to perpetuate exceptional education in watchmaking."

North Seattle's watchmaking program uses the full 3,000-hour Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program curriculum. The college was the first in the U.S. to utilize the highly regarded WOSTEP curriculum, which has since been adopted by several other schools. With the increased funding, NSCC also hopes to increase enrollment for the fall, adding up to 20 more students.

Rolex plans to open a watchmaking school using the WOSTEP curriculum in 2002. It will be located at its new technical and training facility being built in Lititz, PA. North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA; (206) 526-0173, Rolex, New York, NY; (212) 758-7700,

- by Michael Thompson