JA Show Jewelry Trend Report

August 3, 2000

JA Show Jewelry Trend Report

A continuation of many jewelry trends marked the offerings at the JA International Jewelry Show, July 30-Aug. 2. Here's a rundown of popular items at the show:

Yellow diamonds are making a splash, either as larger single stones or used in pavé. In addition to the use of yellow, prettier and more skillfully rendered pavé used more pink, red and blue diamonds than seen before. Diamond pavé disks and spheres are a popular form, and black diamonds are slowly surfacing in this structure. Also, pretty scalloped or wavy necklaces appeared in more diamond lines.

Precious Metals
Yellow gold (especially 18k) looked fresh in bold designs, and the finishes included shiny, brushed and roughened. White metals maintain their popularity. Regardless of the metal used, wide-open links fashioned after lattice give a big look while using less metal. Other open-work patterns, like piercing and filigree, lend a retro style to jewelry designs. Symbolic jewelry, in such shapes as hearts, crosses and butterflies, were seen frequently. Stacked bracelets, triple ring bands and multiple strands of all kinds competed with endless amounts of station jewelry.

Colored Gemstones and Pearls
Square cuts continue to be popular in gemstone jewelry. There's no stopping the love affair with blue stones, but yellow, pink and green are holding their own, aided by strong supplies of citrine and yellow sapphires. The less-expensive stones helped manufacturers maintain the trend in "big looks," especially in rings and pendants. Turquoise, coral and jade received bolder styling in large bead and pendant form, and opal is on the rise in all jewelry forms. Diminutive jewelry was non-existent when it came to the opaque gems. In pearls, pink and peach were seen everywhere. White South Sea and golden pearls 10mm and up are on the rise. Gray pearls in white metal designs looked new.

- by Lorraine M. Suermann, A.J.P.