WDC Calls for Action Against Conflict Diamond Trade

September 13, 2000

WDC Calls for Action Against Conflict Diamond Trade

The World Diamond Council, the international group created by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association, called upon the governments of countries involved in diamond trade to take action against conflict diamonds.

At its inaugural meeting Sept. 7 in Tel Aviv, WDC took the first steps in implementing its plan for stopping conflict diamond trade. The main features of the plan include the establishment of closely supervised import/export offices for rough diamonds; adoption of a uniform international certification system of sealing and authenticating rough diamond parcels before export; monitoring and verifying industry-wide compliance with ethical codes of conduct; and asking banks, insurance companies, shipping companies and other providers of auxiliary goods and services to cease business with any company or individual knowingly involved in dealing conflict diamonds.

WDC is offering its assistance to governments in drafting appropriate legislation to help enact and enforce its plan. In addition, it has asked all relevant governments and the United Nations to initiate an international embargo on the trade of weapons to rebel forces illegally trading diamonds.

"The World Diamond Council, representing the entire international diamond industry, pledges to continue to work in a spirit of cooperation with governments, civil societies and the U.N. to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds," says Chairman Eli Izhakoff. The council is made up of members from all parts of the diamond industry including manufacturers, producers, traders and retailers.

- by Julia M. Duncan