Jewelry Thieves Pose as Royalty

September 21, 2000

Jewelry Thieves Pose as Royalty

A man and woman posing as a prince and princess of Dubai stole $485,000 of diamonds and jewelry from two jewelry stores in Sydney, Australia, Reuters reports. The pair fled with about 25 diamonds from one shop on Tuesday and 30 items of jewelry from another store on Wednesday.

Police describe the couple as well dressed and wearing expensive jewelry. "Their English was not good, but they were well-mannered and extremely polite," Jim Kouts of J K Jewellers, the first store robbed, told the Sydney Morning Herald. "They said they wanted to buy a lot of diamonds to take back to Dubai. They knew their diamonds, rejecting one worth $30,000 because it was not expensive enough."

Kouts didn't show them the larger diamonds they asked about, but while he was distracted for a few moments by the man, the woman was left alone by the counter, the Herald reports. On their way out, the couple insisted on giving Kouts 10 freshly minted $100 Australian notes, saying it was a custom in Dubai to reward merchants.

After the couple was gone, Kouts discovered the diamonds missing from his jewelry trays. Local police are asking other jewelers to be on the lookout for the suspects.

- by Julia M. Duncan