Diamonds Dazzle Spring 2001 Runway Looks

September 25, 2000

Diamonds Dazzle Spring 2001 Runway Looks

Diamonds were everywhere during Fashion Week in New York City. Designers threw sparkling accessories into their Spring 2001 collections at runway shows last week. Diamond evening shoes and mega-watt diamond necklaces and headbands were among the accessories from Halston and Randolph Duke. Other designers, including Victor Alfaro, Betsey Johnson and Cynthia Rawley, added dazzle to their lines with hoop earrings, diamond pendants and diamond brooches.

Highlights from the Spring 2001 jewelry offerings include: a pair of $30,000 diamond evening shoes and limited-edition diamond cuff bracelets from Halston; a 74-ct. pear-shaped diamond pendant from paired with a Randolph Duke evening gown and diamond line headbands adorning models' hairstyles; chunky diamond necklaces and dangling earrings complemented Escada's apparel; bunny-shaped diamond pendants at Betsey Johnson; and elaborate diamond brooches on Victor Alfaro's looks.

The diamond looks seen at some of the shows won't end on the runway. Some designers are launching their first diamond accessory lines, with Halston leading the way with its diamond evening shoes and diamond cuff bracelets.

- by Julia M. Duncan