Jewelry Crime Spree Continues

October 2, 2000

Jewelry Crime Spree Continues

Crime against traveling jewelry salespeople continues, and Jewelers Security Alliance reports four new attacks within a 10-day period in September.

A salesman driving on a San Francisco freeway Sept. 13 was rear-ended. As he pulled to the shoulder of the road, two gunmen emerged from the car that struck him, pointed a gun at him and took $250,000 in loose diamonds. Thieves struck twice on Sept. 21. In Connecticut, a sales representative traveling with his son lost more than $1 million in jewelry as they stopped at a restaurant to eat. Five robbers were involved. And in Atlanta, a Hong Kong jewelry salesman and his wife were run off the road by three men in two cars who grabbed cases containing a reported $2 million in jewelry. One robber fired a shot through the driveržs window, and the bullet grazed the salesmanžs head. Just two days later, a salesman who stopped in Rock Hill, SC, for a snack, returned to find a window of his car smashed and $1 million in diamonds taken from his trunk.

John Kennedy, JSA president, says 239 crimes against traveling jewelry salespeople like these were reported to JSA during the 12-month period ending Aug. 31. The steady increase in robberies of this type has heightened awareness of the problem, but robbers have become bolder, often using violence to accomplish the crime.

- by Jack Heeger