JA Warns of Possible Conflict Diamond Demonstrations

October 6, 2000

JA Warns of Possible Conflict Diamond Demonstrations

Jewelers of America has alerted members in the New York City area of plans for consumer-directed demonstrations about conflict diamonds in the New York City area this Saturday. According to JA, U.S. Rep. Tony Hall (D-OH) will hold a press conference followed by a demonstration outside a retail jewelry store or stores. JA did not know the location of the demonstration.

Hall is expected to insist Congress enact legislation now to stop the flow of conflict diamonds. He is also expected to suggest all concerned citizens go to jewelry stores and ask what the store is doing to stop the trade of conflict diamonds. JA says Hall will be accompanied by some of the children who have been harmed in conflicts by rebels who control some of the diamond mines in Sierra Leone, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

JA warns its members they will need to be prepared to answer questions from the media and to deal with inquiries from consumers and possible demonstrations. The alert, sent Oct. 5, also includes sample questions jewelers may be asked along with possible answers to use.

- by Julia M. Duncan