Survey Finds Consumers Unaware of Conflict Diamonds

October 24, 2000

Survey Finds Consumers Unaware of Conflict Diamonds

Despite the recent flurry of consumer publicity about conflict diamonds, an online survey shows an overwhelming majority of U.S. consumers have never heard of them.

The survey, conducted by MVI Pulse, a new Internet-based data collection and analysis service of MVI Marketing Ltd., asked nearly 300 consumers of all ages, household incomes and varying geographic locations to fill out an online questionnaire about conflict diamonds. Among the findings: 93% had never heard the term "conflict diamonds," and 76% would not buy a diamond or diamond jewelry if they knew it came from a country where the sale of diamonds contributed to social injustice. Also, the survey found the country of origin is not a significant factor when consumers make the decision to purchase a diamond, but the most important factors are price, authenticity, quality, setting and durability.

The survey was conducted from Oct. 20 to Oct. 23, more than a week after a segment about conflict diamonds was aired on ABC's Primetime. The report, which is available through MVI Marketing (805-239-2994) for $495, also contains information regarding where consumers have purchased diamonds, along with details about the factors leading to the purchase.

- by Jack Heeger