De Beers Launches Comprehensive Consumer Campaign

October 26, 2000

De Beers Launches Comprehensive Consumer Campaign

De Beers has launched its Christmas 2000 advertising campaign consisting of a new television commercial, its "Seize the Day" print campaign and a World Trade Center "Domination" package, where De Beers will take-over all 140 advertising spaces in the World Trade Center in New York City.

The new television commercial, titled "Tree," targets men ages 25-54 with household incomes over $75,000 and encourages them to commemorate Christmas 2000 with a gift their beloveds will never forget. The emotionally driven commercial specifically features De Beers' princess-cut diamond earrings. It's scheduled to air from Nov. 19 to Dec. 25 on prime-time programs including "Whose Line is it Anyway" and "West Wing," during sports programs including ESPN's "SportsCenter" and on cable networks including MSNBC and the History Channel.

De Beers' "Seize the Day" print campaign is back for its third year. It began Oct. 16 and will continue through Dec. 23 in The Wall Street Journal, Barrons and USA Today. It will also appear in regional newspapers in the top 20 women's jewelry markets and in the 22 most affluent American cities on king-size bus posters, commuter rail interior car cards, bus shelter ads, airport ads and highway billboards. The ads will feature a variety of different shapes of diamond stud earrings, diamond solitaire necklaces, 3-stone and solitaire rings and a diamond line bracelet.

For its biggest statement yet, De Beers will dominate the ad space in the World Trade Center with bold black-and-white reminders that a gift of jewelry will make this Christmas the crowning event of an extraordinary year. The ads will appear on each of the three levels of the World Trade Center, including the shopping area, the PATH station and on the train tracks. De Beers has not said when the ads will go up.

In addition, the Diamond Promotion Service is providing free downloadable photography of De Beers' princess-cut diamond stud earrings beginning Oct. 31. Retailers can go to to download the images, which include two four-color and black-and-white formats for printed material and Internet use. DPS is also providing free copy lines and sample ad layouts similar to De Beers' ad campaign.

- by Julia M. Duncan