AGTA Introduces Color Seal of Confidence™; Spectrum Awards Revamped

June 4, 2001

AGTA Introduces Color Seal of Confidence™; Spectrum Awards Revamped

The American Gem Trade Association announced at The JCK Show it will introduce a Color Seal of Confidence™ to reassure customers the colored gems and pearls they buy are authentic and valuable.

The seal, which will be represented by a logo under development, will be promoted through trade and consumer advertising and public relations. AGTA hopes to join with other segments of the industry to finance the program, since miners, jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and retailers will benefit through projected increased sales. Partners will be licensed to use the seal and will be required to train staff, maintain high ethical standards and make 25% of their purchases from other program partners. An annual fee is also part of participation.

In other AGTA news, the organization announced sweeping changes to its annual Spectrum Awards. The competition will now include the Cutting Edge awards for lapidary arts. The jewelry design entries will be judged on fashion categories rather than price. The categories are evening, business, casual, mens and bridal. International entries, outside of the U.S. and Canada, will not be accepted for the Spectrum awards, though certain Cutting Edge entries from overseas will be. Cutting Edge categories are classic, faceting, carving, combination, pairs and suites and objects of art.

The organization also announced the development of online continuing education, which will be available soon. A colored gemstone course is nearly ready, with pearls to follow.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue