Damiani Denies Pitt and Aniston Claim

August 9, 2001

Damiani Denies Pitt and Aniston Claim

Italian jewelry manufacturer Damiani has denied a $50 million claim recently filed by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, a press release from Damiani says. Pitt and Aniston had Damiani make their wedding rings, and claim Damiani breached an agreement not to reproduce the rings. Pitt also says he designed the rings himself.

Damiani says Pitt's and Aniston's rings were part of the Aside collection of wedding bands. The Damiani Group released this statement addressing the claims: "Damiani firmly believes the claims asserted by Mr. Pitt and Ms. Aniston are unfounded and have no merit whatsoever. There has never been any type of agreement or contract between Damiani and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston prohibiting or limiting the marketing of the jewelry in question. Furthermore, the Damiani wedding bands are original and innovative creations by Damiani and the designs are patented and registered to Damiani."

According to the press release, the management of Damiani will take all action necessary to protect and defend Damiani's interests, name and reputation.

- by Julia M. Duncan