NYC Jewelers Offer Help To Displaced Jewelers

September 17, 2001

NYC Jewelers Offer Help To Displaced Jewelers

James Corry and Evans Siskel, jewelers who operate a store in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, have offered a wide variety of help to fellow jewelers who may have been displaced in the World Trade Center disaster last Tuesday. "If there are displaced businesses from the WTC area in need of a place to begin rebuilding their lives or businesses, contact clients, store their goods in a safe, share our retail space, anything, please let us know," the two wrote in an e-mail sent to Professional Jeweler Saturday.

The jewelers, also offered to take in pets in need of a temporary home. Many apartment dwellers had to flee the area last week, some leaving pets behind who could only be retrieved after safety was restored, according to the Wall Street Journal. While living in temporary housing, displaced pet owners may have no place to care for animals.

Corry and Siskel also extended a welcome to displaced members of the jewelry industry at their Bucks County, PA, country home, where they have two bedrooms available. To contact the jewelers, call (212) 366-4888, (212) 366-4115 or (917) 885-6595.

As generous offers to help and other observations about the tragedies in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC area arrive, Professional Jeweler will post them. We encourage you to write your thoughts about the disaster, its effect on America and the jewelry business or send us any other information pertinent to the crisis. Please e-mail

- by Peggy Jo Donahue