Jewelers Mutual Advises Caution When Shipping and Traveling

September 19, 2001

Jewelers Mutual Advises Caution When Shipping and Traveling

Due to the terrorist attacks in the U.S., Jewelers Mutual has addressed pressing insurance issues.

Jewelers Mutual extended due dates for receiving payments by 14 days, to account for any interruption or delay of mail service.

Second, it recommends businesses postpone shipping valuable items at this time. Jewelers Mutual is reviewing the shipping situation often, but does not yet know when its recommendation will change. If you must send a shipment, Jewelers Mutual continues to encourage businesses to use the United States Postal Service's Express Mail or Registered Mail.

In addition, Jewelers Mutual reminds jewelers its commercial policies for businesses do not cover jewelry lines checked as baggage. If airlines restrict carry-on luggage, Jewelers Mutual suggests considering alternatives such as shipping the line using armored courier or driving to your destination.

For more information, visit Jewelers Mutual online at or call (800) 558-6411.

- by Julia M. Duncan