Patriotic Jewelry Sales Are Soaring

September 21, 2001

Patriotic Jewelry Sales Are Soaring

In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America, many companies that make patriotic jewelry are donating a portion of their rising sales to relief funds for attack victims. In general, flag and other patriotic jewelry sales are flying in all price ranges. Some of the sales are in costume jewelry, but a surprising number of requests are for fine jewelry lapel pins, tie tacs and bar pins. This suggests consumers are looking for products that will last. The Bush administration has stated repeatedly the war on terrorism will be lengthy.

High-end jeweler Oscar Heyman & Bros., New York City, tells Professional Jeweler that since Sept. 14, it has received about 15 orders a day for its costly patriotic jewels. Previously, the company gave former first lady Barbara Bush a Texas/American crossed flags pin and former first lady Hillary Clinton a bejeweled flag pin that costs $76,000 keystone. At President Bush's address on terrorism to Congress last Thursday, Clinton, now a senator in New York, was spotted in the audience wearing what some reporters believed was the Heyman pin. Since the terrorist attack, Heyman has received so many calls for pins like Clinton's that it would need until next Christmas to produce the handmade jewels, says Tom Heyman. The company's other flag pins come in five sizes with keystone prices starting at $14,400. It also makes eagles, American-British flags, American-Canadian flags and cuff links in various motifs. For information, contact Heyman at (800) 642-1912 or (212) 593-0400,

Imperial-Deltah, Providence, RI, also makes fine jewelry flag pins and is donating 10% of sales of the pins to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The company makes two 14k gold styles. An epoxy Stars and Stripes pin is $80 keystone, and a yellow gold version is $70 keystone. Because of increased demand, there's a two to four week wait for the pins currently. For information, contact Imperial-Deltah at (800) 556-7738 or (401) 434-2597,

Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America has compiled a list of 25-35 manufacturers who make patriotic jewelry, according to MJSA spokesperson Stasia B. Walmsley. MJSA compiled the list after receiving numerous inquiries about sources for flag jewelry. For more information, contact MJSA at (401) 274-3840 or

Retail jewelers are also beginning to join the drive to raise money through crafting patriotic jewelry. For example, award-winning designer Curt Parker has created a design he calls "America's Pendant" – a linear 14k yellow or white gold dangle with red, white and blue hanging gems. A pendant with natural gems (a 0.49-ct. ruby, 0.26-ct. diamond and 0.42-ct. sapphire) is $1,500 suggested retail. A version containing synthetic ruby, cubic zirconia and synthetic sapphire is available for $125 suggested retail. He is making other sizes available on special request, and earrings will be available soon. Parker will donate 100% of his profit to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. For more information or to see the pendant, go to

- by the editors of Professional Jeweler