DTC Commercial About Love To Debut

November 21, 2001

DTC Commercial About Love To Debut

The Diamond Trading Company announced today that it has created a new holiday TV commercial presenting love as the essential human need – and diamonds as the ultimate expression of love. The effort ties into the emotion of a holiday season in which Americans are saying they appreciate family and friends more after the tragic events of Sept. 11.

The segment is dubbed "Hands" and will run 50/50 with the DTC's other holiday commercial "Trees," which celebrates holiday gift giving. The "Hands" commercial will debut at the end of November and will run on prime time TV, as well as sports and cable channels through Dec. 17 and then again next year.

"With relationships holding greater meaning than ever, we are hoping to reinforce the message that there is no better gift than a diamond to express such emotion," said Lynn Diamond, executive director of the Diamond Promotion Service. "We hope this new television commercial will help drive even more traffic into retail stores this holiday season."

Filmed in New York's Central Park, "Hands" features a young couple walking silently along a pathway in a park, happy, but walking slightly apart. They catch up with an older couple who are walking hand in hand at barely half their speed. As the young couple passes the older couple, who seem as in love today as they were forty-five years ago, the younger couple reach out and take each others hands as well, walking closer and reconnecting, as they have just witnessed the simple but beautiful moment between the older couple. On the younger woman's hand is a three stone diamond anniversary ring, which sparkles as if acknowledging the moment.

This new initiative is being added to the DTC's already existing, strong media plan in order to help drive holiday sales even further. For more information on the holiday advertising campaign, retailers can log on to www.dps.org. There retailers can also find free marketing materials to support their own marketing efforts this holiday season.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue

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